Local information technology professionals to retain Microsoft certifications

by Jason SalasMonday, October 15, 2001

Microsoft announces revisions to its certification program

If you're a Microsoft Certified Professional operating either on or in conjunction with the Guam marketplace, you can breathe easy for the moment. Software giant Microsoft announced recently that the company would be revising its policies regarding certification in its products. The Redmond, Washington company has revamped its certification program to allow current holders of the various degrees of software mastery to keep their credentials intact, essentially recalling earlier an earlier strategy which forced all MCPs to upgrade...or have their credentials expire outright.

The change comes after the company announced in February that all current certifications would be discontinued in lieu of the new line of certifications focused on the Windows 2000 operating system. Apparently, many local current certifications holders did not jump to upgrade their networks - or their certification levels to Windows 2000, and the same trend can be seen worldwide, much to the chagrin of Microsoft. The change was proposed as a method of making it more tough to get MS certifications, as the industry has since been inundated with “paper system engineers”, or those IT professionals who merely study for and then take a test and pass, without really possessing the requisite formal experience of how to work on a system, setup a network, or write complex code.

So, effective now as of October 11, all MCPs will retain their certifications, extended past December 31 (the date initially set to be the cutoff for older certifications.) Likewise, current IT pros holding Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer status will hereforth be known as MCSE on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, as newer certifications now carry the distinction of being MSCE on Microsoft Windows 2000. Microsoft has also created a new Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator certification track for those IT professionals who oversee operations on their company systems day-to-day, but may not necessarily set them up from scratch.

There are roughly 60 information technology professionals on Guam who hold various Microsoft certification credentials.

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