Guam consumer first person in world to purchase an X-Box after mad dash for cutting-edge video game system

by Jason SalasMonday, November 19, 2001

Guam consumer first person in world to purchase an X-Box

Unless you've been under a rock for the last year, you've heard that the next big thing in video game technology has been the eagerly-anticipated release of the X-Box. The first foray into the video game console market from Microsoft comes just in time for the Christmas season - if retailers can keep the anxious gamer demand satisfied by keeping them on the shelf long enough. We strolled down to Gamestop in the Micronesia Mall today for a look at what's surely to be on many people's Christmas lists this year.

Gamespot, a store specializing in the sale of video games and consumer electronics, has been quite the busy business for the last week or so. Gamespot, a national chain with more than 1,000 stores throughout the country, is owned by Barnes & Noble, and has been in operation on Guam for 14 months. With the release of the revolutionary X-Box video game console system, it hasn’t been a matter of moving units off the shelves, but more in getting new units in to supply an overwhelming demand. Store Manager April Lujan told us that Gamestop's special midnight promotion was a huge success, and Guam's gaming elite turned out in droves. “As far as the first shipment, we brought in 138 units...all the systems were sold within an hour.”

And contrary to most major product releases out here in Guam, there isn't any difference in the cost for a X-Box system. April explained that the units sell for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $299 each, which is exactly what you would pay in the States, or online.

But the success of the X-Box's launch did not come without some controversy. April tell us that Microsoft's big launch party focused on exactly who the first person in the world was to buy an X-Box. Being out here in the Pacific and 18 hours ahead of New York City, Guam made video game history, as local gamer Albert Atoigue was technically the first person in the world to ever purchase and own the new system. Unfortunately, April told us that the official X-Box launch party noted a customer in New York City as being the first. And although we unfortunately weren’t able to speak to the first person on the planet to have bought an X-Box, we did run into the 48th person to buy one by chance, Ken Marion, who is no less extremely pleased with his purchase. He even went so far to tell us that as to sell his Sony Playstation 2 system for an X-Box.

So break out your checkbooks, and warm up those thumbs, because this holiday season in paradise, there's going to be a whole lot of gaming going on.

“As far as the first shipment, we brought in 138 units...all the systems were sold within an hour.”
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